Making a post

Link to video: new post
note: always title your post

Add a link
Link to video: How to put in a link
note: always set link to open in a new window

Delete a post
Link to video: delete a post and bonus info

Inserting images
Web images need to be 72px resolution – please use pixels to measure your images

Images should be max 612 px wide or tall
This image is the maximum size:

Here is the size of the above image:
Your photo will likely need to be reduced in size
(Unless you found it on the web)
If you have a program to resize the image – Great
Lets you crop and re size images – Via the web
Remember you want the image to be max 612 px wide or tall

To insert an image
Link to video: image insert

notes: click the frame icon, title = the caption under enlarged image – can’t be long

link URL buttons: none = no image enlargement - file link= thumbnail links to large image - post url= don’t use this – just links to the post- press “insert into post” - ”save changes” just save the image upload

Don’t use featured images .
Box Size
Link to video: about box sizes
notes: You can pick a box size to match your image size- The tiny box 135px wide - Default is 310px wide - Medium is 485px - Large is 660 but should be used
Only for a landscape video
Inserting Video
Link to video: How to embed video
To insert audio
audio file MUST BE AN MP3
My screen cast lies
Link to video: Insert audio
note: FAQ on how to export mp3 via itunes
- this crash course was thrown together in haste please excuse errors  -
-feel free to add advice below-

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