If you’re ever in Barcelona

Eat at La Panxa Del Bisbe (The Bishop’s Belly). By far the best meal of my trip so far. Also the waitress was a total sweetheart who explained everything to me because I don’t understand Spanish and made sure I’d like everything she brought. (which I did)

La Panxa
I took the very unshopsin-like step of taking pictures of my food.
All for €28.

However this guy has much better photos and descriptions.

I sort of Remember

M. R.
lived  across from the store (63 Bedford St.)
His house was the only one in the original one family configuration.  They kept his mentally retarded sister in the attic for most of her life.  The other  sister would, in an emergency , shop at my store.  She always bought 5-6 large bars of Ivory soap and constantly cleaned her house and stoop.  Mike had a slight speech impediment but he never shut up.  His brother was a NYU law professor.  Mike and his family were the basis for Odets’ “Golden Boy.”

What if Andy was born in brooklyn?

I sort of Remember

359 6th Ave. (between Washington Pl. & W. 4th St.)
Even though it was on 6th ave, most of it’s food customers ate there every night; regulars.

I sort of Remember

8th st. playhouse
Rocky Horror show played here fri & sat nites forever.

& Andy

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