Women Struggling to Drink Water

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The 2011 WFMU Record Fair happens this weekend.

Friday October 28 through Sunday October 30, 2011
@ Manhattan’s Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street in New York City. 

Harpo Marx’s Props Trunk

via Andy



Long black formal Jacket w/tails

Yellow and maroon flannel shirt with sheriff badge that spins

Two ladies black satin skirts

Long horn

Extendable box

Bubble liquid

Lots of fake money

Several rubber bands

Skirt-cutting scissors and powder bag

Giant scissors

Giant diamond ring

Small diamond ring (with a jeweler’s magnifying glass)


Piano ticker (metronome Seth Thomas)

Trunk that says name of the theater on top

Knives that come out of coat (and coat)

Two wigs and wig head in excellent shape

Wardrobe trunk (empty) with Algonquin Hotel tags and Savoy Hotel stickers on it

Long black box with more teeth


Another bag of knives

Rubber chicken

More wigs

Two mechanical monkeys

Large telescope in box

Hatchet and table (for cutting cards)

Black top hat

Wooden vase with flowers painted on and elastic attached to top

Three shoes with skates on bottom

Long metal tube with string that pulls out – weighted

Rubber carrot

Three belts

Rubber mallet

Two short horns

Tape measure

Large cow bell

Huge cigar

Long rope (for opening)

Clarinet (with mechanical bubble machine and tube)

Four harmonicas

Harp string case with tuning keys

Orchestra music for act

Signs for sewing on singers’ rear end


Garter belt

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